Rain and More Rain...

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dad's old shirt (vintage LL Bean)  | leggings (on sale now) | boots

Hey everybody!  I know I promised a front yard makeover post this week, but it has been raining in the biggest way.  Yesterday was the first day it hasn't rained since I don't know when and our front yard is looking a little soggy at the moment.  So as soon as life gets back to normal around here, I'll take pictures to share.

Here's proof about the rain.  My Hunter boots have become my official footwear.  I wear them almost every day so buying another color is completely justifiable right?  I may also need another chambray/denim dress since I've been living in this too.

dress (old) similar | scarf | boots

Last weekend was family weekend at ECU.  And it rained.  And my rain jacket wasn't waterproof like someone told me it was.  Soaked to the core right down to the unmentionables.  Yes, but we had a ball so it didn't really matter and thankfully I had a change of clothes.

  P.S. How cute are all those young people?(!)
  P.P.S.  It isn't easy finding a gold dress.