Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Link Love

Hello friends and happy Friday!  I'm super excited today because our college student is coming home for the weekend!  He hasn't been home since August and it feels like a holiday, let me tell you!  Do you have plans?  Whatever you do, wherever you go, I hope you have the best weekend.

Now for the link love...

Design Sponge - Bright & Airy Home.  This beautiful home is full of DIY goodness right down to the artwork.

Rue - Outdated Etiquette.  While I do like for a man to open the door, I agree with the last one.

My Sweet Savannah - A Teen Room Makeover for Savannah.  So much pretty here and she's sharing all the resources.

The Inspired Room - Architectural Details:  Shiplap Paneling.  I almost have Mr. talked into doing this on our plate wall.

People - Perfect Pairings: 7 Wines to Sip With Your Favorite Halloween Treats.  You have one week to prepare ;).

As always, thanks so much for stopping by this old blog!  I appreciate you more than you know. Enjoy your weekend!

P.S.  Have you entered the giveaway?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Favorite Dinners From Pinterest

Mr. and I love to cook together and we especially enjoy trying new recipes.  Together we've managed to try what seems like of hundreds of new recipes from pinterest - some of them have become favorites.  So, if you're like me and love a good recommendation, you might like to see what we thought was a "do again".  Here goes...

Spicy Fish Tacos - If you love fish tacos as much as we do, you will love this recipe!  I've even cheated a little by purchasing fish fillets in the freezer section, cooked them accordingly, and topped them with the yummy slaw and crema.  Tip:  the crema goes on easier if you put it into a squeeze bottle.

One Pot Mexican Skillet Pasta - This dish is great for those nights when someones wants Italian and someone wants Mexican.  Sort of taco meets spaghetti.  This dish is super easy and depending on how big your family is, you might have leftovers.

The Best Homemade Meatballs - I've always made spaghetti with a recipe that is in my head.  No more!  This is my go to recipe and it really is worth the extra steps to make the meatballs.  I highly recommend using the tomato sauce recipe with it.

Kielbasa, Pepper, Onion, Potato Hash - Chop it all up and throw it in the pan.  Done!

Spinach Gorgonzola Pasta -  I realize that not everyone loves Gorgonzola.  But lawdy, if you do love it, you are sure to like this rich dish!  I would consider it the ultimate comfort food!

Now it's your turn, do you have some favorites you found on pinterest?  Please share the link in the commments.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's Giveaway Time With LoveFeast!!!

I'm thrilled to share this giveaway with you today!  The lovely ladies at LoveFeast are back at it again this year.  They are generously offering one of my readers a trio of velvet pumpkins and I am ever so grateful for them!

I'm sure you remember these beautiful, lush pumpkins from last year, but just in case you forgot, here are a few images to help jar your memory...

velvet pumpkin snow trio - my personal favorite!

Those are just a few of the trios, but you can explore all of the velvet pumpkins right here.  Use the rafflecopter (below) to enter the giveaway and be sure to visit this amazing sponsor.  They offer much more than pumpkins.  Some of my LoveFeast favorites include the art, accents, and of course pillows (duh).  The winner will be announced next Wednesday. Good luck friends!

P.S.  You can also find LoveFeast on instagram and pinterest.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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