Bathroom Storage

Friday, September 4, 2009

Storage can be a challenge in a small bathroom. Finding ways to store your everyday items doesn't have to be well, ugly. With baskets, bins, and bars (oh my), you can enjoy function that looks good too.

Use Wall Space

By adding shelves, you can have towels at your finger tips ~ something that comes in handy if linen closets are scarce.
If you have items that aren't suitable for display, try attaching fabric to a cafe rod to hide those items or in this case, affix hemmed fabric with upholstery nails.
Apothecary jars are a great way to store small items such as q-tips, cotton balls, and bath salts.

A hanging wall cabinet, wall hooks, and bench make a great combination if space allows.

Glass shelves have been added between wall studs. This is probably one of the best ways to add storage without taking up visual space. These shelves are painted to blend with the room, but a background of wall paper could be a fun pop of color.

Use the Door
This is a fun idea for a kids bathroom. Rods, normally used in a kitchen, are put to use in the bathroom holding holding towels and toiletries.

In the Shower

Another kitchen item being put to use in the shower when built in storage isn't available.

Move it Out of the Bathroom

When all else fails, maybe the supplies could move to the hall closet. These storage bins hold each family member's necessities and are labeled accordingly. Grab yours as you head into the shower and replace it when you are finished.

(All photos are from BHG)