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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Welcome to the Cottage and Vine gift giving series.  Today, I have a  special guest here to talk about gifts for men.  Averill writes the blog, Odi et Amo.  When I first discovered Averill's blog, she featured a series called, "Shop Like a Design Blogger" which I thoroughly enjoyed and still refer to for ideas.  Averill is also expecting a baby boy, congratulations Averill, and is currently hosting a series called, "Advice for New Moms".  This series has me wanting to start all over with having babies ;)

Thanks so much for joining us today Averill!


  Let's face it, shopping for the men in your life can be tough. Most of the ones I shop for often profess to need nothing -- or, if they make a gift request, it's usually something exceedingly boring like, say, socks. Sure, you can take their word for it, but I prefer to try and, well, knock their socks off by coming up with creative, useful and luxurious gifts that express exactly how much they mean to me. This season, here's a roundup of 9 great gifts that just might end up on my giving list:

1. Jonathon Adler Match Strike ($42; Jonathan Adler). I love a gift with a sense of humor. This match strike not only holds matches stylishly, but provides a handy strike as well. Even better, you won't be embarrassed to have this one sitting on your mantle.

2. Wine Essential Wine Aerator ($27.73; If your recipient is a wine aficionado, I'd highly suggest the wine aerator, which turns inexpensive, young wines into something palatable and pricier, better wines into something spectacular. Plus, it's fun to use.

3. Chumby One ($119.95; Chumby Store). I'm a bit of a gadget gal myself, so I love this alarm/Internet radio in one (Pandora is a personal favorite of mine). Plus, you can even check the weather or the stock market before you get out of bed. Another plus is that it can run off a back-up battery, which is a great way to ensure that an unexpected power outage won't end up ruining your morning.

4. Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Canceling Headphones ($299.95; Pricey, but so, so worth it (especially if you work in an open office environment!). Dave often wears his on the plane, without any music plugged in as they do an excellent job of muffling sound even without music going. If he listens to a lot of music, this is an absolute must.

5. UGG Australia Men's Ascot Slipper ($99.95; Nordstrom). I'm a big fan of slippers, especially ones you can wear outside to get the mail or paper in the morning. While I'm not a fan of UGGs generally, I'll admit that they make the absolute best slippers/house shoes. Nothing like a little fleece lining to warm up your toes on a cold morning.

6. Apple TV ($99; Apple). A great gadget at a great price. Stream your videos, photos, iTunes, movies and more from your computer directly to your TV. I'm thinking about getting one myself just so I can cancel my expensive premium cable channels.

7. Ledbury Work Shirt ($125-$135; I'll admit that I love seeing Dave in a great, well cut dress shirt. And Ledbury makes some beautiful ones with the English-style tailoring I so prefer. For a less expensive option, I can't recommend Banana Republic dress shirts highly enough. Dave has several BR dress shirts and they fit and wear beautifully -- and they're under $80. (Tip: BR runs way long; I often buy Dave a tall or long in shirts, but that's totally unnecessary with BR).

8. Cashmere Crewneck Sweater ($188; J.Crew) -- . Everyone, I repeat everyone, loves cashmere. And J.Crew has the best quality for the best prices. This season, they also have a great range of colors, which is great because (let's face it), does he really need another navy, black or gray sweater? I think not. If you're like me and live in a warmer climate, try the cotton cashmere crewneck (on sale from $59.50), which is a lighter weight more appropriate for mild winters or layering.

9. Boss by Hugo Boss eau de toilette ($65 for 3.4 oz.; Sephora). Hands down my all-time favorite mens' cologne. It's masculine, but with the faintest hint of vanilla. Delicious. Happy hunting and Happy Holidays!


Thanks again Averill!  I do love to see Mr. in a nice dress shirt.
  These are all fabulous gifts for the men in our lives.  
I have certainly gotten some great ideas. 

Be sure to visit Averill on her blog, Odi et Amo.

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  1. I'm the worst at man gifts. Thanks for the great list.

  2. I agree that men are the HARDEST to shop for. Great list, Averill! Thanks, Rene, for having the series.

  3. Great ideas, love the UGG slippers...can I confess I'd probably wear them myself?!

  4. Me too Janell. I can think of at least things on the list that I would love to have. Can we give a gift to share? ;)


  5. I agree with you ladies--I would love some of these gifts myself! Awesome ideas, Averill.

  6. We love our wine and have yet to buy and aerator, great suggestion.

  7. Love this list, Averill! And, I'm definitely going to check out Boss cologne! My husband refuses to wear cologne but I like a subtle scent. I also like Kenzo...

  8. Love the list...great gift ideas!!!

  9. #1 is so cool and I know my husband would love #2 or #6.

  10. Great ideas! I love the slippers, my hubby's are getting very worn out! I am also loving the Chumby One! Very cool!!

  11. I am definitely getting Mark Ugg slippers this year - he travels all the time and needs COZY at home! Keeping my fingers crossed that he gets me a pair too! Loving this series Rene!

  12. Great ideas! I like the slippers and the cashmere sweater for my husband....selfishly so I could borrow them! They both look cozy.

  13. I love all these ideas!! I am going to have to save this!!


  14. AWESOME!
    I was planning the slippers....he wears his Reefs with socks, thank. you. very. much.

    The Apple thing, great!!! The wine thing, he is such a gadget guy!!
    Thanks for the ideas!!!!!

  15. Darn, I just bought
    my son cologne for Xmas
    yesterday ~ wish I'd
    seen this first. He's
    just turned 12 but
    wants to be like Dad : )
    Men are so hard to
    buy all
    these great ideas.
    Thank you, Rene and
    xx Suzanne

  16. Apple TV Sounds neat...might have to check that out:)

  17. Thank you for sharing list of men gifts and always i can't take decision immediately for men gifts..

    grill gift

  18. Gifts for men are the hardest for per usual I love your taste/style and picks Averill! My default "man" gift is usually wine of the month or steaks! ;)

  19. Great ideas, Averill! Men are certainly difficult to buy for, and all so so different. Buying for my brother and my boyfriend is like night and day! Thanks for sharing these -- you have given me a few things to think about!

  20. Those ugg slippers are are my favorite on the list! Look like a pair of driving mocks. And those cashmere sweaters from J.Crew are the best! My husband never was a sweater man until I gave him one;-)


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