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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 year old:  "Mom, I was upset that Santa didn't come last year."
Me:  "Really?  I thought he came."

12 year old:  "No.  He didn't come and I was very upset."
Me:  "Oh, well maybe you should write him a letter.  He probably didn't realize that he was still supposed to stop here."

12 year old:  " OK I will do that right now."

Me:  "Be sure to leave it where he will find it."

This morning, tucked into the Christmas tree was a little note from my son that read,
Dear Santa,
I think that it was an outrage that you didn't make a stop at our house last year.  I sincerely hope you have the time this year.  Parker

We always told our boys that when they stop believing, Santa will stop coming.  They are smart little stinkers ;)


There have been so many holiday tours around blog land
and I'm pretty sure that our house is the last one to be decorated for the holidays.
  Since I didn't join any tours, I decided to host my own.
  Please join me Monday, if you have the time, for a little holiday cheer.
  I would love to have you!  And just in case you like buttons, I've got one for you.
Cottage and Vine 


  1. Stuck your button on my sidebar so I won't forget :) I love holiday parties!

  2. LOL - The good thing about 12 year olds is that they have such a command of the language and can quickly make their point. I love Parker's use of the word "outrage," Santa better behave this year! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love your son's note!

    It sounds like your house and my house are in about the same state ... at least the Christmas decorations have been retrieved from the basement, but the boxes and bins are stacked in the entry hall now. I hope to have a decent showing of Holiday Cheer by the end of the weekend. I can see it all in my head, I just have to make the actual house look like what is in my imagination.

  4. LOVE the note. At 31, Santa still comes to see me, but I am required to send a note still:) Merry Christmas!

  5. Rene, that is the cutest letter! I told my daughter about Santa and the story of him last year (after she was probing for some answers) but she refuses to listen to me and still believes! :)

  6. You have to believe
    to receive is my mantra : )
    I love the tour idea, but
    not sure I have enough up
    this year to participate.
    I'll put on my thinking cap....
    Great idea!
    Happy Wednesday,
    xx Suzanne

  7. Now THAT's adorable! I love kids and their quirky attitudes :) Can't wait for the link party!

  8. Rene - The fact that your son used the word "outrage" in his letter to Santa made me smile. What a cutie. Can't wait for your link party - great idea to host your own.

    I received the table runner yesterday - THANK YOU so much. It's beautiful and it will be going on my dining room table today.

  9. OMG it was an "outrage"?! That is so priceless. Had me laughing out loud. Thank you! And so excited for the linky party. I just finished decorating and took some pics yesterday!

  10. We are not decorated yet either, so I am looking forward to finally joining in with some holiday blog parties!

    I love kids on the verge of teenage-dom. Yes, they are so smart!

  11. I hope Santa visits you guys this year especially after your son's note!! I hope to post the rest of our Christmas decorations later today....and I'll join in the linky party!!

  12. Love the letter Rene...very smart indeed! Looking forward to the party.

  13. Haha! too funny! he is "outraged" ...cute cute. YAY for the Christmas tour!

  14. Oh, kids and Santa. My 25 year still says I should have worked harder at maintaining her belief past the ripe old age of 11.

    Adorable! I hope I'll be back on Monday ... and yours is NOT the only house not ready with its decorations, not by a long shot!

    In case misery loves company....

  15. An "outrage". I am laughing so hard. That is the cutest thing. You should frame that!!! Or make it an ornament. Kids are wonderful. Super excited about the tour . . .love me a good button!

  16. oh my gosh thats the cutest note EVER!
    I am your newest follower, and hope to join your party!! :)

  17. LOL! Love his note!! ;) Your room looks so cozy and Christmasy too!! Hugs, Rachel

    *French Farmhouse 425*

  18. HA! That is the funnist letter to santa I've ever seen!

    Can't wait for your Home Tour party, it's going to be fun!

  19. your party is perfect timing! great motivation to finish my decorating soon!

  20. I love that he said it was an "outrage," how cute! I still haven't bought our Christmas tree yet, this is the latest we have ever gotten it! We just can't get our schedules to work out this year and I said at the beginning of the season that we were going to slow everything down so we could enjoy it---hasn't happened yet!

  21. like others, i was cracking up at the use of the word outrage. what a great kid you have! full of personality!

  22. Hello Rene,

    I love Parker's note to Santa! Too cute! I like Courtney's idea of turning into an ornament.

    I too was late decorating for Christmas this year. I kept the decorations simple and only put out just a few. Since I was late and do not have that many decorations I did not join any of the parties.

    ~ Tracy

  23. Oh my goodness what a cutie! That is so precious!


  24. Those high-drama tweens! :)

    Looking forward to joining your party, Rene!

  25. What a great note! Straight to the point :) Love it!

  26. Fun post, Rene! Your son is adorable and I am glad he is to the point and honest. Very cute letter!

  27. Your son is so adorable! And I like the colorful lights. Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx

  28. How funny! I wished all moms had to do was to "believe" for Santa to come ... I really wanted an ipad this year... hmmm. Enjoy your snowday today ... we've got one too!!

  29. I'll join the party! I haven't linked up to any recently. I just haven't had time. That's pretty sweet about your 12 year old. My kids are 17, 10 and 7. I debated just telling the younger two flat out this year that *I* am the one who gets all the presents but they told me they still believe (even though deep down I know they know). So we will continue the Santa magic this year. :)

  30. Rene, I have been catching up on your delightful posts. I love the letter to Santa story. His use of the word "outrage" is great!!!
    You are so clever,the stockings you made are fabulous. They are quite sophisticated looking and also very playful. The urns at your front door look great with all the greens. I love reading your posts and you always share wonderful ideas. Thank you.


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