Thanks to Janell and Houzz!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

 Thanks so much to Janell from one of my favorite blogs, Isabella and Max Rooms, and to Houzz for featuring my "blue front door". 

To read more about adding personality to your entrance go here.

Guest Blogging With Emily Clark

Friday, July 30, 2010

    Today I am guest blogging over at one of my favorite blogs, Emily A. Clark.  Check out my kitchen here.

    Do you have plans this weekend?  I will be waiting in long lines with hot (and I don't mean sexy) people waiting to ride this..."There's my feet dangling"...
    Have a great weekend!

    DIY Lamps

    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

     Thank you all of the lamp support last week.  After all of the drama, I thought you might enjoy seeing this DIY project from Southern Living.  Over the years, Mom has made lamps from statues, vases, etc.  This is a fun idea if you need just the right lamp.

    Yesterday when I read one of my favorite blogs, High Heeled Foot in the Door, and discovered  this wonderful website, I spotted the lamp on the nightstand.  Another pretty item turned into a lamp. Need a lamp?  Look around.  It might be right beside you.

    White Painted Floors

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

     A couple of weekends ago, my family and I spent a large portion of our weekend in IKEA.  We were filling time in between sessions of a sporting event and went seeking meatballs and Ektorps to fill in the gaps.  While we were strolling through all of the vignettes oohing and aahing , my youngest looked to me and said, "Mom, I would like it if my floors were painted white."   Suddenly the music stopped.  Was I hearing correctly?  "Really?" I replied, "because I would LOVE to do this too."  "Yeah, I would like it", he responded.  Then the teenager added, "me too".  Deal.  Done.  Insert cartwheel.
    The truth is that I have been wanting to do this for a while, but didn't want to step on toes.  I could go crazy with ideas in their rooms, but try to let their rooms be their space.  Each son picked out his own wall color, not necessarily what I would have chosen, but that's OK.
    The upstairs floors in our home really need to be refinished, but we aren't budgeted for that at the moment.  Painting the floors white would look so fresh and clean, buying time until we have them refinished.  Who knows, we may like the white so much that we never have them refinished.

    I love the look of white painted floors.

    The teenager has dark green walls and the tween, light blue.  I think either color would go with a white floor and probably brighten each room quite a bit.  Next week, they are going to camp Grandma and Tappa....perfect timing.

    Have you ever painted wood floors?  Do you have any tips?  I would love to hear from you.

    Images via :  House and Gardens, My Home Ideas, Flickr, Meredith Images, Living Etc.

    Kids' Bathroom Inspiration

    Monday, July 26, 2010

     This sweet little image came from the blog Pure Style Home where a darling kids' bathroom was added in the family lake house.  I am in love with these happy colors.  Go here to read more.

    Thanks to everyone who rallied around my new ottoman acquisition.   Hopefully it will be here in the next day or two.  If you are in the market for a new ottoman yourself, you might want to check this out. 

    Breaking News

    Saturday, July 24, 2010

       This is an emergency post because you all are the only ones who will appreciate this.  Two weeks ago my sponsor, Erica LeBlanc, posted about this ottoman.  I checked today and it is on sale for $49.  Do you think I ordered it?  Bingo.  If you would like to inquire, go here

      A 76 year old lady driving a PT Cruiser showed up at my door yesterday and purchased our old ottoman that I blogged about here.  She was so sweet and we hugged before she left.  I worried about her driving home.

       Back to the ottoman.  The plan is to remove the zebra print on the new ottoman and recover it with something colorful.

      Fabric source:  Premier Fabrics

      Now if only someone would buy the sofa....then we would be one step closer to the Ektorp.
      I am sharing this with Coastal Charm and  Southern Hospitality.

      Coasters Get a New Look

      Friday, July 23, 2010

       Do you like these coasters?  Didn't think so.  Coasters to me are a necessary evil.  Sort of like fans in the summer time.  We use them to protect our furniture and often, they aren't cute.

      In walks wall paper.  I love wall paper for many reasons, but my favorite is for using it in unexpected places like here and here.  If you pop into a wallpaper store, be sure to check the clearance bins.  There is always an interesting pattern that you could use to line shelves or the linen closet.

       To make these coasters look a little more current, I placed them on the wallpaper and traced the outline.  Then I cut out the shapes.  Using modge podge, I painted the surface of the coasters with a small brush and applied the wallpaper cuttings, smoothing out the bubbles with my fingers.  Once this dried thoroughly, I applied three more coats to the top, drying in between coats.  Once they were completely dry, I sprayed them with a protective coat of poly.

       Do you use wallpaper in unexpected places?  I would love to hear from you.

      Oh and have a great weekend!

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      A Winner and Randomness

      Thursday, July 22, 2010

        Thanks to everyone who entered to win the giveaway sponsored by the Depuis Shop.  Also, thanks to Kat who helped me to realize that is free.  Long story, but a while back when I posted the winner of another giveaway, I mentioned that I had found a free number generator.  Kat emailed and told me that Random is always free.  For whatever reason, I was paying for random numbers.  They took my money.  Don't know what I bought with it, but anyway, thanks Kat, I owe you one.

        OK with no further delay....
        True Random Number Generator 2 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

        I still don't know how y'all get the random box to look right.

        Tina, you are the lucky winner!!  Congratulations!

         I would like to extend a special thank you to Depuis for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway!!

         And now on a completely random note (how many times can I say random?), aren't these colors pretty?

        pink  bedroom

        Re-Store Lamps

        Wednesday, July 21, 2010

        Thanks to all of you who read my blog and who are willing to leave supportive comments.  I really appreciate you.  Yesterday I asked for help with the Re-store lamps, and your responses confirmed my suspicions.  The harps were too tall...a casualty that comes from using what you have.  Yesterday, I purchased smaller harps and I think they look better.

        Before we get into all of that, I thought you might like to see what the lamps looked like when I purchased them from the Re-Store.

        A little funky aren't they?  When I saw them in the store I knew that I had to have them because it is rare to find a pair of lamps.  They aren't exactly the gourd shaped lamps that I see everywhere, but they were cheap and with spray paint all things are possible.

        I gave each lamp a coat of spray primer.  Then I used glossy white spray paint.  

        The bases were gold, but I wanted them toned down and bit.
        I used the hammered gold Rust-oleum and really liked the results.

        And thankfully, most of us agreed that shorter harps were needed.  Funny how the lampshade on the right sits a little lower.  Oh well, Re-Store.  I also picked up the finials yesterday at my local hardware store and gave them a coat of the hammered gold. 

        I Re-Arranged My Living Room

        Tuesday, July 20, 2010

         ...because I had least 25 other things that needed to be done.

         Do you have a room with a challenging floor plan?  I do.  It's called the living room.  This room has been re-arranged more than any room in the house.  Just recently, I moved everything in the above picture.  Looking at it from here, the floor plan seems OK.  Notice the location of the couch under the stairs.  Pictures can't be hung above the couch because of the stairs, which by the way, I recently read that art above a sofa should be 2/3 the length of the sofa.  Is this true?

         The other issue I had was the TV cabinet, which is a big rectangle, is sitting beside the passage to the dining room, another big rectangle.  That is just too many big rectangles in one area.  Note, this is the way into the house from the front door.

        So the other day, when I should have been working on my to do list, I started moving furniture around.  The TV cabinet has a new spot by the stairs which opens up the traffic flow from the front door.

        This is the new seating arrangement which we have had before.  The sofa is too large for the room.  We were not thinking about scale when we got it 15 years ago.  I listed the sofa and ottoman yesterday to sale and if they do, we plan to purchase the Ektorp (white slip-covered sofa) from IKEA

        Also, I would make a colorful ottoman using this tutorial. This would bring in more color. 

        The picture that was over the sofa gets to hang above Dad's lowboy which to me is a better spot.

        And my favorite part is that the lamps that I found at the Re-Store last winter, finally get to come out of hiding.  Tell me, do they need shorter harps?

        For now, I like it, but my family has heard that do you have a challenging room?


        In case you missed it, there is a fabulous giveaway sponsored by Depuis.  To get the details go here.  Winner to be announced Thursday.