Friday, June 1, 2012

Thinking of Blogging Friends Today...

Hey there & happy Friday!  These 4 day weeks fly - do they not?  I hope you have something fun planned for the weekend.  Non-stop action for us as usual :)

This blog has been so good to me and has put me in touch with so many sweet friends.  Your support and kind words mean more than you know.

Today, I am sending love and warm thoughts to my friend Emily who is the mama of three + two this week.  This many kiddos equals a lot of hooks in the hallway.  We may as well call her Wonder Woman, jeez. 

I am also thinking of my dear artist friend pve who recently sent me lovely stationery of her illustrations.  She is one talented lady and if you haven't explored her etsy store, you should go do that now.  I especially adore her pet illustrations.

I am especially excited to get the chance to meet the talented and incredibly energetic Cassie this weekend.  She and her husband are coming to town and we have a double date planned.  Yippee!

Last but not least, I am thinking of my friend Pam, who continues to remind me that I haven't posted about the stairs.  Hopefully none of you are waiting with baited breath on a stair runner update.  Here's what happened.  The carpet installer came several weeks ago and was prepared to do the installation.  When we took the final measurement, we realized that we were 2" feet short of having enough carpet.  This is when the old measure twice cut once rule comes into play, duh.  You may have heard me scream at that point.  I quickly ordered a third runner from Ballard which arrived within days.  The only problem was getting the carpet guy to come back.  I may have scared him away - yikes!  He texted yesterday to say that he would be here around 1:00 today.  Please send positive stair runner energy my way.  I think I need it ;)

That's all for now sweeties.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Your summer list is quite extensive! Looks fun.

  2. Good Luck with your carpet runner! Your summer sounds wonderful and I agree, a well deserved thank you to all bloggers as we connect as new friends!

  3. good luck today- hope the stair guy isn't too scared! ;) looking forward to breakfast sunday!!!!
    and congrats to emily- wow. i just can't imagine!

  4. Could I trade places with Cassie, please? :) (Notice I didn't say Emily!)
    Good vibes coming your way sweet and inspiring, friend!

  5. I'm back... I was just remembering when I first found your blog you had the most charming illustration of your home by pve, it was my all-time favorite header!

  6. I agree Pam. I use it as my facebook header now.

  7. Such sweet thoughtful words nice! Good luck with the carpet runner...I was wondering what ever happened :)

    Have a good weekend...

  8. Ooh, thinking of YOU today. Rene, and hoping your stair project gets done in time for your fun weekend!

  9. You have no idea how vicariously I am living through your stair runner project, Rene! Ours is on the backburner for a while and I can't wait to see yours! It's going to be fabulous.

  10. Love my blogging friends, too. My favorite image of yours is your house with that gorgeous colored front door with the vine growing above it! Have a great weekend.

  11. Sending you lots of positive stair runner energy! How fun that you and Cassie get to meet in person! I'm envious. I would love to meet the both of you. Enjoy your weekend, Rene!

  12. So much to catch up on! Hoping your carpet guy came to the rescue, Rene!

    Now, I need to see what you've been up to.

  13. Sending stair runner energy your way, girlfriend! You are so right about meeting such wonderful friends through blogging. Pam's is a favorite of mine, too. Have a great weekend.

  14. Love that summer list- looks like you have alot of fun things going on!!


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